Monday, September 15, 2014

St Francis Wedding: Laura & Mark

 Hey hey lovely readers! Just got off the phone with (rockstar) potential bride for next year and could sense the back-to-work Monday blues... which is why I always post on Mondays to bring art, beauty ad creativity to one of people's least favorite day of the week. This week I'm featuring a beautiful serene wedding I shot this summer. You may think it's from some rustic country mansion in Italy, but it's right in my stomping grounds, the heart of DC. Enjoy this beautiful St Francis Monastery wedding and the beautiful love shared by Laura & Mark. Have a wonderful week full of joy and beauty! Cheers, M

P.S. Send prayers, thoughts, and good Karma my way... potential amazingness this week... I'll keep y'all posted when I hear back!  (heck no, I'm not pregnant you dorks... eek! Why do people always ask that? It's photography related).

Thanks to Rockstar Elliott O'Donovan for shooting with me!

Love the fun... can't wait till next week... join us during the week for behind the scenes shots, tid bits and all around silliness..


( Elliott went Paparazzi on me!)


Monday, September 1, 2014

See the album... Pleasantdale Chateau Rachel & Daniel

Happy Monday! No work today? ( Labor Day!) Lucky you! I hope you all are kicking back and enjoying a nice glass of wine and late summer evening. I know my potential brides and grooms often enjoy seeing albums and it allows them to imagine what their book will look like. This weekend I had the privilege of delivering Rachel and Daniel's swanky DC house (with a rooftop overlooking the city that made me want to throw a dinner party!) I usually (insure) and mail my albums, it was SUCH a treat to watch them ooh- and- ahh as they flipped the pages. Thought I'd share with you all this week...

 I'll often have potential clients ask if we do family pictures... Of course! ( Unless you ask us not too!)

Adorable first look. I love the emotion on the right picture

 We always make a point to capture all the beautiful details you planned of course, and all those big in-the-moment smiles...

(This particular couple was not wanting a lot of bridal party pictures but I threw one in there and they did love it- yay!) 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Clifton Wedding: A laid back wine tasting

When I received and email from Meghan, just a FEW weeks before her wedding saying that she had not yet found a photographer who inspired until she stumbled across my work... I was flattered and nervous!  As a photographer herself, she wanted images that were artistic and laid back, like their beautiful day.  The wedding started with a wine tasting, followed by ice cream and drinks and apps at a local restaurant. Beautiful day! Meghan, I hope lived up to the standard!

4 Generations...

"Mom and JD"

Enjoyed... can't wait till next week for more fun? Keep up with us during the week....

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