Monday, April 21, 2014

Fairfax Hunt Club Wedding: Katie & Brian

Ciao Beautiful brides, here is my first 2014 wedding; a dear couple to me, Katie and Brian
at Fairfax Hunt Club, Va. An amazing day with tons of love, rustic touches and amazing people.

And big thanks to our new Rockstar 2nd shooter Rebekah who took some of these gorgeous shots.... we are SO happy to have you on the team. (Pablo says I can't call you Rockstar YET... so let's go with our RISING rock star). Pablo insists HE's the rockstar on the team! Go team!





    Ciao Pablo!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Interview with My Deejay

Was honored to be featured on My Deejay today... check out the full interview:

Marathon Key Wedding: Eva and Jason

Hi friends! This past weekend I had an awesome time in the Florida Keys shooting Eva and Jason's ocean side Rock N' Roll wedding. It was incredibly beautiful and it was so special to be able to capture the big day of two incredibly sweet people.


 Eva added a touch of hot pink tulle for her pink and black Rock and Roll theme- SO FUN!

Best ever boutonnieres!

Most of the groomsmen were in a rock band... can you tell? So fun!

There were so many beautiful colors, and textures... a photographer's dream come true!

As the sun set it was gorgeous. Everyone laughed, enjoyed drinks, danced and had some epic rounds of beer pong! 

I could show about 1000 more .... but then what kind of surprise would Eva and Jason have? Hope you enjoy! Well friends I hope I cheered-up your back-to work week and that you enjoyed the pics. Let me know which one you liked the best by leaving a comment below (it will be approved before it posts) and Pin your favorite.  If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, I encourage you to. I post pictures on there that I don’t on the blog, links to freebees, DIY projects, wedding trends, inspirational ideas, and of course creative, artistic photography. So if you haven’t already I invite you to “Like Us” by visiting us at so you can be part of the fun!  Have a great week!